What’s the difference between Neulasta and Neupogen?

Neulasta and neupogen have similar efficacy for raising the number of neutrophils in the body. However, they are given in different ways.

  Neulasta Neupogen
Generic name peg-filgrastim Filgrastim

Tbo-filgrastim (Granix)

Cost $$$$ Thousands $$ Hundreds
Mechanism of action Colony stimulating factor that stimulates production and activation of neutrophils Colony stimulating factor
Why is it given? Prevention of chemotherapy-induced neutropenia Prevention of chemotherapy-induced neutropenia

*Prevention of induction chemotherapy-induced neutropenia in AML, in the setting of bone marrow transplant, and mobilizer for peripheral progenitor blood cell harvesting

How long does it last for? Half life=15-80 hours (the “Peg-“ recombinant component makes it last longer) Half life=3-5 hours
How is it given? Subcutaneous injection >24 hours after last chemotherapy cycle given ONCE IV infusion or subcutaneous injection given daily to reach target ANC
Adverse effects Achy muscle or bone pain (ostealgia), rarely capillary leak syndrome, ARDS, glomerulonephritis, hypersensitivity reactions, inducing sickle cell crisis Also ostealgia, many of the other same adverse effect reported, fever, thrombocytopenia

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