Can you run a pressor through a peripheral IV?

We’ve all heard horror stories of patients getting digital necrosis from peripheral pressors:

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 8.40.41 PM.png

However, the data shows that you CAN run pressors safely through peripheral IVs with close monitoring and proper selection of an IV site. How?

The Journal of Critical Care from 2015 reviewed the available literature of the use of peripheral pressors in adults.This review concluded that there are very rare side effects in the first 6 hours of use, and that best practice is to place IVs in veins >4 mm in diameter (use an ultrasound to confirm!) and monitor at least every 2 hours for extravasation. There was poor quality data reporting adverse outcomes from site of administration of pressors–out of 85 studies included, there was only one randomized study. Furthermore, as this study notes, the rate of adverse effects is low when a good-sized vein in the forearm is used, and pressors can be restarted at another peripheral site when extravasation does occur.


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