A few cool points about ultrasound

There are different shapes of transducers:

  • curvilinear (good for mashing down fat)
  • linear (legs, arms, whatever)
  • hockey stick (good for thyroid, breast, and superficial structures)
  • endocavital (mouth, rectum, vaginal)
  • cardiac (for TEE)

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 4.14.06 AM

If you REALLY want to get into the nitty-gritty, this article goes into more detail about different ultrasound probes.

Different frequencies are good for different purposes:

  • 1 is good for fat
  • 8 is soft tissue range, like liver or kidney
  • 15 is like breast, thyroid
  • You can increase the “gain” on the ultrasound, and make proteinaceous material move around 😀

There are certain organs that tend to get over-imaged. See this editorial that argues for fewer thyroid ultrasounds.

On CT physics:

the Hounsfield unit describes the radiodensity of objects. The higher, the more radiodense it is, the lower, the less radiodense it is.

-400——- -50——0——- 80 —————————-800

air———– fat– water— soft tissue—————— bone


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