What’s the difference between suboxone and methadone for treatment of opioid use disorder?

Suboxone and methadone are both used to manage opioid addiction. Methadone has been around quite a while longer, and is familiar to more providers. However, suboxone is emerging as a worthy alternative. Furthermore, a generic version, Zubsolv, is anticipated later this year. I made this little chart to outline major practical differences:

Suboxone Methadone
Efficacy Studies show that they are about the same, although suboxone edges out methadone slightly. Available in SL or buccal film forms  Available as a liquid or IV
Cost In the US, methadone is cheaper
Side Effects Typical opioid withdrawal sx; may precipitate withdrawal in doses >16 mg Typical opioid withdrawal sx; has a higher risk of respiratory depression because it is longer acting

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